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World Class Specialist Care Wherever You Are 

At ABI our Teletherapy Program is unique to our clinic. We are supportive of what every family believes is the best option for them and their child. 

We focus on having both the family and the therapist (OT, PT, SLP) with each other directly and indirectly to assure the best outcome for your child.


The therapist will always co-treat at least one session with another professional in the clinic or home. This will enable the therapists to go over how your child is communicating and to support the behavior, feeding, sensory, access and positioning needs so that we are able to better target how to help your family and your child needs. 

These type of sessions and collaboration are at the core of breaking down opportunity barriers for our complex needs children. 

Our therapy sessions are 45 minutes long with 15 minutes dedicated to feedback with our families as to assure continuity of care and carry-over.  

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