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Reno Clinic

Discover the extraordinary clinic in downtown Reno, perfectly situated near St. Mary's Regional Medical Center.


Our devoted team of speech, occupational, and physical therapists are here to ignite your path to incomparable communication. Whether you prefer in-clinic or at-home services, our unparalleled offerings are sure to impress.

As the exclusive practice in Nevada dedicated solely to non-speaking children, we guarantee superior, evidence-based techniques that will empower you and your child with essential communication skills.

Experience the transformation today and embark on a journey of empowerment.


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Las Vegas Clinic

Explore the wonders of our exquisite Las Vegas clinic, conveniently situated near the 215 at the S. Eastern Ave exit. Our exceptional group of speech, occupational, and physical therapists will guide you on a transformative path towards effective communication, offering unmatched in-clinic and at-home services.

As pioneers in Nevada, we are the exclusive practice dedicated solely to non-speaking children. Trust in our expert knowledge and evidence-based approach to empower both you and your child in acquiring the essential tools for meaningful interaction.

Embark on your journey towards empowerment today by paying us a visit.


Discover the limitless possibilities that lie ahead!

At Autism & Brain Institute we provide...

Parent Empowerment 

  • Let's Transform Your Family with Parent Empowerment

  • By Breaking Down Barriers and Building Connections Now

  • Learn the Strategies & Techniques to CommunicateWith Your Non-Speaking Child

  • Develop Lasting Communication in Just Weeks!

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