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Therapeutic Services

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Specialist Speech Therapy Service 


Speech Therapy at ABI is drastically different than any other practice in the valley or even nationwide. 

Why you may ask? 

  • We ONLY treat the most severe and profound children.

  • All the therapist on the team are trained in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and feeding and swallowing disorders. 

  • We focus our therapy on two very important aspects: 

    • Family Centered Care

    • Parent Empowerment 

  • We believe in treating the whole child with a more holistic approach. ​

Our therapy sessions are 45 minutes long with 15 minutes dedicated to feedback with our families as to assure continuity of care and carry-over.  

Specialist Occupational Therapy 

Access Methods 

Our team of Occupational Therapist work very closely with our Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and often the sessions will be co-treatments.

At ABI we believe in teamwork and that clear and concise communication between ALL team members is vital to get your Complex Communication Needs (CCN) child to communicate. 

The Occupational Therapist at ABI is specifically trained to support and guide the other teams members in all aspects of:

  • Access Methods

  • Fine Motor

  • Visual Processing Skills.

  • Orthotics 

  • Sensory Integration 

Our therapy sessions are 1h30  minutes long with 15 minutes dedicated to feedback with our families as to assure continuity of care and carry-over.  

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Specialist Physical Therapy 

Seating & Mobility 

At ABI we pride ourselves in making sure that if your child is in need of equipment, they are both comfortable and functional. 

Our team of dedicated therapists is lead by a Pediatric Specialist with 22 years experience working with the most vulnerable children. 

Your child will receive weekly physical therapy session as part of their ongoing treatment to make sure that they continue to develop in the best possible way. 

During these sessions your child may work on the following (not exhaustive): 

  • Power Mobility 

  • Pediatric Myofascial Release 

  • Gait Training 

  • Stander 

Our therapy sessions are 60 minutes long with 15 minutes dedicated to feedback with our families as to assure continuity of care and carry-over.  

Specialist Services 

  • Speech Generating Device Services: 

    • We offer independent, interdisciplinary assessments to identify appropriate assistive technology, seating/ mobility and access methods for patients with physical and/or communication impairments to support their communication and learning.

  • Gestalt Language Processing Therapy: 

    • ​The primary objective of speech therapy for children who are gestalt language learners is to develop self-generated language skills. Effective intervention for gestalt language focuses on targeting language abilities in natural and engaging contexts. A skilled speech-language pathologist typically incorporates child-led play and the child's personal interests to facilitate language development. Attaining proficiency in gestalt language requires time, active involvement from caregivers, and consistent effort. This can be achieved through engaging in activities and playing with items that the child finds enjoyable.

  • Specialist Behavior Management 

    • At ABI our Behavior Management Program is unique to our clinic. We are supportive of what every family believes is the best option for them and their child.  We focus on having both Behavior Analyst and the SLP work in collaboration with each other directly and indirectly to assure the best outcome for your child.

  • Parent Empowerment Coaching

    • The Parent Empowerment Program is our revolutionary approach at ABI. Written by our very own CEO and Founder, this innovative self-study program with online group coaching is designed to equip you with powerful tools and strategies for meaningful communication.

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